Why Choose Us

Our goal

Our goal would be the implementation and monitoring of a Health & Safety management system to suit your company.


We will ensure that you are working in compliance with all current Health and Safety legislation.

Flexible Budget

We understand that it can be an expensive burden to employ a safety professional in-house. Therefore, we offer a Competent Person package to suit the size of your Company, your specific needs and your budget.

Advisors specialise

Our Health & Safety Advisors specialise in workplace occupational Health & Safety with many years’ health, safety, commercial and industrial experience.

Health and safety process

Health & Safety requirements placed upon businesses are often misinterpreted and lead to arrangements being introduced that hamper organisational effectiveness and devalue the Health & Safety process.

Consultants Register and Chartered Member

We are members of the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) and Chartered Member of IOSH